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Containers of own design

Container of own design for transporting a sorting device

The container with unusual dimensions: L= 13,716 mm; B=3,500 mm; H=2,900 mm is designed for transportation of the sorting device, which is permanently installed in it by the user. The container has the attachment points necessary for its transportation on an adapted car set or rail platform.

Construction Facility

The containers, with a total weight of 25T, serve as a construction facility that meets the requirements of fire resistance EI60.
Inside the containers, the heat recuperation system works.

External dimensions of a single container width 3m height 3.5m length 13m. Loading capacity up to 15T.

Container for electrical equipment

40 ft container with dimensions: 12192 x 2438 x 2896 mm. The container shown has two rooms for electrical equipment.

It has A60 fire insulation, watertight doors and ventilation hatches.

It is subject to acceptance by the Acceptance Society.

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