In the tab OUR PROJECTS you will find some examples of our finished products.

We produce the containers according to the documentation provided by the customer, whereby they may be customized depending on individual customers’ demand.

1. Containers on demand of the armed forces

They are built in accordance with DIN 2303 standard, which relates to the production of equipment and welded structures for defence industry.

– containers resistant against missile firing

 – mobile military bases

 We also produce the containers of this type with partial equipment.

2. Offshore containers

– the BASKET containers

They are intended for storage and transport of drills, heads and other items used on oil rigs. Lengths available from 3.2 m up to 23 m.

– the MUDSKIP containers

They are used for the transport of sea muds

– containers for tools of various types and sizes

They are used for storage of tools on oil rigs as well as for transport and logistics in the oil mining operations.

– special containers

For various purposes, most often with dedicated accessories.

    The ‘3in1’ containers

    The ‘2in1’ containers

– containers for storage of gas bottles on oil rigs

– offshore containers

– offshore racks

3. Leak-proof containers used for storage and transport of radioactive substances. Containers with a removable top part (roof), where their leak-tightness is required for the storage and transport of radioactive substances. They may be used for storage and transport of various types of substances where it is required to provide insulation from the outside environment.

4. Machinery for agriculture

We carry out orders related to agricultural machinery used in agriculture as feed mixers.

5. Steel structures