According to the Resolution No. 44/2008 of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange as of June 6, 2008

it was introduced on June 10, 2008 in the ordinary course of exchange stock trading on the parallel market, ordinary bearer shares of ZBM “ZREMB-CHOJNICE” S.A. with a nominal value of PLN 10 each

1. 20,000 A-series shares

2. 200,000 of B-series shares

3. 45,000 C-series shares

4. 50,000 D-series shares

the shares of the Company were quoted in the continuous quotation system under the abbreviated name “ZREMB” and the marking code “ZRE”.

The first stock quotation of the shares of the Company was performed on June 10, 2008. at the rate of PLN 98.00