The Board of Directors of Zakład Budowy Maszyn “ZREMB-CHOJNICE” S.A. (Joint Stock Company) (“Issuer”, “Company”) hereby informs that due to editing errors which occurred during preparing the consolidated annual report for 2019 it has made a correction of the consolidated financial statement for 2019.

A detailed representation of the subject matter and nature of the correction which was made is included in the document attached to this current report and in note 40 located on page 57 of the corrected consolidated financial statement of the Capital Group ZBM “ZREMB-CHOJNICE” S.A. for 2019.

The content of remaining documents published by the Issuer as part of the consolidated annual report for 2019 remains unchanged.
Accordingly, The Board of Directors of the Issuer will again publicly disclose the corrected consolidated annual report for 2019, including all attachments and the updated auditor’s opinion immediately after publishing this current report.

Full version of the report is available in Polish.

Legal basis: The § 15 item 4 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance as of March 29, 2018 on current and periodic information to be provided by issuers of securities and on the conditions to acknowledge as equivalent the information required by the laws of a non-member state (Journal of Laws from 2018 item 757)

Date Name and Surname Position/Function Signature
2020-04-28 Krzysztof Kosiorek-Sobolewski Chairman of the Management Board
2020-04-28 Marcin Garus Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

File Description File size
pdf Correction of the consolidated annual report for 2019. 670 KB