Legal basis: The Article 17 item 1 of the MAR – confidential information

The Board of Directors of Zakład Budowy Maszyn “ZREMB-CHOJNICE” S.A. (Joint Stock Company) with its registered office in Chojnice (“Issuer”, “Company”) informs that in the period from January 22, 2020 up to December 8, 2020, it received purchase orders from a company operating on the French market for securing elements to be used in nuclear power plants with a specialized mesh. The total value of purchase orders that were received in the above mentioned period amounts PLN 731,239.47.

The deadline for the execution of individual purchase orders has been set successively from February 2020 up to January 18, 2021.

The execution of purchase orders provides for the possibility of contractual penal action in the amount of 2% of the total purchase order amount for each day of delay.
In the case of a delay in the execution of the purchase order longers six business days and further lack of production progress, the ordering party has the right to resign from the delayed part of purchase order.
Any other detailed purchase order conditions and associated risks does not differ from those commonly used on the market for this kind of purchase orders.

The existing cooperation with the customer also provides for the possibility of executing further purchase orders in the coming year.

The information regarding this order received was considered as to be important for the Company, due to the continuation of the existing cooperation with this Customer, possible prospects for further cooperation with execution of next such orders, and with consideration of current situation on the procurement market caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

Date Name and Surname Position/Function Signature
2020-12-08 Krzysztof Kosiorek-Sobolewski Chairman of the Management Board
2020-12-08 Marcin Garus Deputy Chairman of the Management Board