Legal basis
The Article 17 item 1 of the MAR – confidential information.

The Board of Directors of the Zakład Budowy Maszyn “ZREMB-CHOJNICE” S.A. (Joint Stock Company) (“The Issuer”, “The Company”), (“Issuer”, “Company”), informs that in the period from January 1, 2020 to June 26, 2020, it has received the orders from offshore customers for the execution of containers for a total value of approx. PLN 2,695,837.

The final deadline for the execution of orders and delivery of all containers is at the end of September 2020, while the Issuer will, in accordance with the agreed schedules, successively hand over the ready containers to the customers.

In case of a significant overruns in the deadline for execution and delivery of containers, and in case of manufacturing the containers in a manner significantly different from the method specified in the order, the customers have the right to to claim damages on general terms.

Any other detailed purchase order conditions and associated risks does not differ from those commonly used on the market for this kind of purchase orders.

The information on received orders was considered relevant for the Company, due to the value of received orders and potential future impact on the Issuer’s results.

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the fall in crude oil prices, the economic situation in the offshore industry is deteriorated significantly, but despite this, the Issuer managed to win orders in this segment. This was due to the experience of the Issuer in this industry, and also of its construction and design office.

Date Name and Surname Position/Function Signature
2020-06-26 Krzysztof Kosiorek-Sobolewski Chairman of the Management Board
2020-06-26 Marcin Garus Deputy Chairman of the Management Board